We’re Expanding!

Recently, I upgraded to a personal plan on WordPress.com, and got my own domain name – growing-up-psychic.com. However, as I’ve been doing more research, I’ve decided to expand even more.

I’m planning on re-doing everything. Of course, it might (okay, definitely) will take a while, but I know it will be completely worth it!

Here’s some of the things I’m planning to add on Growing Up Psychic to expand it and create a community…

  • Add a forum. A forum would be great to build a community and have everyone share their experiences and allow people to comment as well. In the past, I have created forums such as on ProBoards.com and Webs.com, but that would mean creating an entirely different site (and webs.com just seems to be down a lot.)
  • Add an Interactive Book of Shadows, Bestiary, and more. I have posted a lot in our book of shadows, as well as a couple of posts for our Book of Legends, but I always wanted a more of an interactive blog. Meaning, I want people to be able to post their own spells, rituals, and knowledge – and not just in forums. I’m thinking of setting up Covens, Packs, etc, so each Coven and Pack will have their own book of shadows/legends.
  • IM/Messaging. Another thing that might be added is IM Messaging, giving members the ability to talk to other people instantly.
  • And, possibly more. There’s a lot of ideas, and I know that my main goal is to build an interactive community, and I can’t do that with a wordpress.com site, which is why I am planning on switching to wordpress.org. Plus, by switching, I can also had an estore, which I am still debating about.

I’ve been wanting to expand for a long time now, and only recently have I decided to actually put the money in it. But once I upgraded, I realized that while it was the right thing to do, I just needed to go about it a different way. Sure, WordPress.Org will be a little bit more difficult, but this way I have more ownership and no limits.

So, for the very little followers I have right now, get ready! I’ll make sure to transfer all my posts over to my new site when it is set up, and don’t be afraid if you hear crickets from me as Growing Up Psychic expands!

~Kaia Littlewood


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