The Different Types of Energy

I talk about energy a lot on here, but what I don’t talk about are the different types.
See, it’s not just life-force energy or the energy we find in the universe, nature, ground, and white light – it’s more than that. In fact, energy is everywhere and in everything, and understanding the different types and how they are different can help not only raise your vibrations (check out my post on how to raise your frequency here), but it can also help with energy manipulation. Plus, some energy types can affect you physically and cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and more.

Crazy, right?

Which is why it is so important to talk about energy. We don’t just manipulate and direct it with spells, rituals, abilities, and spiritual intentions – we also transfer and absorb it like a sponge.

And sometimes absorbing the wrong type of energy can hurt us – that is, unless we create an energy filter, which I’ll talk more on that later.

But before we get in depth on the different types of energy – we have to ask one thing first.

What exactly is Energy?

Energy is an invisible force. It can be directed and manipulated, and it can hold memories, emotions, life, and power. Energy is distributed everywhere, but the main sources of energy come from the universe, the ground, nature, and life itself. This energy can be distributed from these sources and onto objects, and with the energy it can also carry the history. For example, say a person is wearing a necklace. All the memories and emotions that person has experienced while wearing that necklace attaches to the energy that covers that jewelry. Magical energy can also attach to the item if the person has done a spell or ritual while wearing the item, and even energy from other people can also attach to the item. Items, like people, can absorb energy, but items absorb less energy than we can. Crystals, however, are known to be able to carry larger amounts of energy.

What are the different types of energies?
Straight from the Source – The Purest Forms of Energy

universalenergyUniversal Energy: This is the energy that derives from the universe. It is one of the most major sources of energy, and one of the most powerful. Some may believe it is the main source of energy. Many people visualize this energy as purple, blue, or even a mixture of both.


Ground Energy: This energy is found deep in the ground and is often visualized to be brown or green. Because this is one of the major sources of energy, energy that sinks or is buried in the ground can turn into pure energy. For example, if an item is buried in the ground, the energy from that item can be turned into pure energy, instead of any negative energy that was left on the item.groundenergy

Elemental or Nature Energy: This is energy from nature and the elements, such as the wind, water, fire, earth, wood, lightning, heat/fire,  spirit, and more. While technically Ground Energy can be listed under this category, Elemental energy is much more broad. The purest energy is directly from the source, such as rain water having pure energy versus tap water, or wood from a tree versus buying wood in a store. The color of this energy may depend on the person and where the energy is coming from.

Life-Force or Spirit Energy: This type of energy is the type of energy that people and living things need to survive. This is the most common type of energy that is drained by psychic vampires. People visualize this type of energy in many different colors, and it depends on each individual. Many people believe that the source of energy within oneself are the Chakras. Another type of Life-Force Energy is Supernatural Energy, which we talk more on later in this post. This energy can be “tainted” as well due to high emotions, illness, or other reasons as well.

Light Energy/Pure White Light: This type of energy is generally the same concept out of any main source of energy, but I felt like this deserved to be in a separate category. For Light Energy, this is the energy that people picture when they want to cleanse and purify themselves, an item, or a space. In other words, Light Energy is the purest form of energy, therefore energy at the source.

Other types of Energy
Other Energies – “Tainted” Energies

Aura Energy: Aura Energy is emotional energy. Our emotions can become so strong that it “soaks” our own energy to form a “less-than-pure” form of energy, and this energy can strongly affect others, especially empaths and those who can see Auras. Some people can also absorb emotional energy.

Paranormal Energy: This type of energy is energy of spiritual beings. While spiritual beings are deceased, they still are formed out of their own energy, they just no longer contain life-force energy.

Another form of Life-Energy
Supernatural Energy

Supernatural Energy is life-force energy from supernaturals. For humans or non-spiritual beings, energy can be seen (for those who can see energy) about an inch or two off the skin surrounding their entire body. For Supernatural energy, it is often seen more than two inches off the body, often reaching a foot off the body, or can even fill up an entire room. Because Supernatural Energy is known to come off the supernatural in mass quantities, it is known to cause other people headaches and affect electronics, such as phones, computers, and even the lights. It’s important to note that Supernatural energy types are similar to DNA or Blood Types and cannot be changed due to things like grounding or meditation.

There are three known types of supernatural energy, and a possible fourth type. Knowing these types are important, and I’ll make sure to go more in depth in a different post.

Light Energy: This energy is different than the “Pure White Light at the source” we talked about at the beginning of this post, but rather it’s a type of supernatural energy that cannot be changed, almost like DNA or Blood Type. Light energy may often look like a white aura of light surrounding someone’s body. While Light and Dark are not associated with whether the person is “Good” or “Bad”, however supernaturals with Light energy most often have abilities such as healing, mind reading/control, psychic abilities, telekinesis, etc.

Dark Energy: This energy often looks like a dark cloud or mist surrounding the Supernatural’s body, and can often cause “black tentacles” to form within the energy, and even cause other odd and fear-inducing forms of the black fog of energy. Again, Dark Energy does not mean the supernatural with the dark energy is “bad”, but they tend to have abilities such as draining energy, fear, illness, or even death inducement, memory wiping, etc.

Light/Dark Energy, or Type AB: This type of energy is a mixture of both light and dark energy. This type of energy may look like light with grey dots, black with white dots, grey energy, or even grey with white/black dots. This type of energy can have a range of abilities.

Type O or Chameleon Energy: This type of energy is only a Theory. Right now, we are unsure if this energy exists, but it’s possible that this fourth type of energy exist. This energy may change from Light, dark, to Type AB whenever it wants, therefore the effects of being around the opposite energy type will not effect them. (I’ll talk more about that later). This type of energy may have a large range of abilities.

Interested in learning more on the effects of Supernatural Energy? Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to write a separate post about it here on Growing Up Psychic. Stay Tuned, and don’t forget to follow my blog to get the latest updates!


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