The Memory Wiper – Fact, or Fiction?

Important Note: This is a section out of the Book of Legends category, a bestiary or a book of supernatural, magical, spiritual, and mystical beings. This data is all personally collected, and is up for you to decide whether to believe. Growing Up Psychic is not written to influence beliefs, but merely to question everything, learn, grow, and entertain.

Name: The Memory Wipermemorygif
The power to manipulate memories of another person, often known to erase memories.
Mind-Related Powers
Also Called:
Mental Manipulation, Mind Control, Influencer, Amnesia Inducement, Wipe.
The Supernatural Being is able to erase memories of another person. The user may or may not know what specific memory s/he is erasing, and whether the memory is recent or not does not seem to make a difference depending on The Memory Wiper.
Mind Reading and Mind Control are the two main abilities associated with Memory Wipers. Most Wipers start off with mind reading then influencing before reaching this stage in their abilities.
There is no known limitations. Not enough data was delivered, however it is possible that the Wiper must be touching the subject whose memories are needed to be erased, and often needs a minute or longer in order to erase the person’s memories.
Spells or Rituals:
Memory Loss and Forgetful spells can mimic the ability of a Wiper.
Mind reading, mind control, memory erasing.
The Wiper often sits in a quiet space with the subject. S/he may hold the person’s hands, or place their hands gently against their skull while they concentrate on targeting the memory and burying it or destroying it. The process often takes longer than a minute, and can even last thirty minutes or an hour long. Five to ten minutes is a good amount of time in some cases.
Abilities Associated:
Mind reading, mind control, telekinesis.
Can ease the pain of others who wish to forget a painful memory.
Makes it harder for someone to learn a lesson when they cannot remember the painful memory, and makes it more difficult for them to handle painful events. This can lower their mental status, and often cause them to be vulnerable to psychic attacks. Also, it is possible a memory wiper can erase the wrong memories or even cause problems such as brain damage.
Personally Known Users:
1 (Unnamed)
Other Comments:
Not much data has been documented, but it seems like Memory Wipers develop after they have the ability to read minds, control minds, and possibly even telekinesis as well (sense it is a mind-related ability).

Premonition, empathy, mind reading, mind control, and now a memory wiper? I know, I know. It all sounds crazy and is only found in fiction.

But, is it really?

I thought the same thing, but years ago I met a very close friend of mine who proved me wrong. In fact, I met three friends that proved me wrong (which, isn’t odd sense supernaturals and mystics attack others alike). Sure, it sounded crazy, but why is that? If you are reading this blog, you are probably a big believer in – real – psychics, and perhaps you are one yourself. And honestly, if we have the ability to see people’s future, sense their death, sense what they are about to do or even how they feel, why is it so taboo to think that mind reading exist? Sure, in most cases it’s not perfect like in the movies (and honestly, we usually don’t even think in complete, structured thoughts), and in fact some of these thoughts feel like we’re the ones that are thinking. Sometimes, we can just sense it somehow.

Creepy? Maybe. A little unnerving? Sure.

But fiction?

I don’t think so.

I mean, I understand why the topic of mind reading steers people away. We like our privacy, and the feeling of someone knowing our thoughts scares us. Hell, my mind automatically goes to dirty or dark places just at the mere thought of someone reading my mind! But, nevertheless, it doesn’t make the topic go away.

There is so many stories out there about mind reading. Some of them may be false, but many of them could be true.

And, with that being said, it leads us to the next level of mind-related abilities.

Mind control. Now, this is where majority people really scurry away, or scoff and chalks this blog up as a conspiracy site. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that mind reading and mind control is real and that’s final – but, I will tell you what I believe.

And, from my experiences with other gifted people, mind control is very much a thing. It definitely isn’t like the movies either, and it sure does have it’s limitations, but mind control can be a very powerful thing. Of course, don’t be afraid: It’s a lot harder for those with the ability of mind control to influence someone to do a major, dramatic, action – such as jumping off a bridge, or giving you all of their money. It would take a lot of self-control and power for them to do that. Of course, most people would say that if this person is using their abilities for personal gain, they might lose their power – that isn’t always true. While it definitely can make it harder to obtain our power or strengthen it, it doesn’t make it impossible.

Memory erasing. Finally, we’re getting to the real good stuff.

Memory erasing is just another step up from mind controlling. Only, this forces us to forget certain memories. Good thing is, it can ease the pain, and even help people with PTSD. Downside? The wrong memories could be buried or destroyed, and it’s even possible it can cause some form of (mostly minor) brain damage.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound good.

That might have to do with the fact that Mind Erasing starts to physically affect the brain, which can therefore give them other abilities that physically manipulate certain aspects idm-just-gon-erase-that-from-my-memory-12018810of our bodies (say, raising the sleep hormone to induce sleep). These abilities are like a domino effect, and while it may seem good at first – it can have dire consequences.

Of course, there doesn’t seem to be that much Memory Wipers out there, and one reason that may be is because people simply don’t go beyond the mind reading ability.

So, is that a good thing? Or a bad thing? Who knows. While I don’t believe erasing any of my memories would help me in the long run, maybe the ability to take away just enough mental suffering might be good for people.

But, that’s for you to decide.

Liked my first Book of Legends post? Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to post more! Stay tuned to check out more upcoming posts for more information on supernatural, spiritual, magical, and mystical beings such as Therians, Drainers, Enhancers, Elementals, and more!


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