New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings


“The moon doesn’t consider one phase better than another; She just glows, equally stunning at each turn. Why should we be any different?” -Cristen Rodgers.

For a long time, I always favored the Full Moon. It made me feel charged and energized, and it had a mystical beauty to it. I would often find myself stopping and starring at it’s beautiful glow, and sometimes would just close my eyes and inhale as I felt myself absorb the energy.

But, it wasn’t until later that I realized that each phase of the moon was unique and powerful all on it’s own. So, I’ve gathered a list of rituals, keywords, and descriptions for the eight lunar phases to aid you on your spiritual journey. I have separated this post into eight sections, and will post another ritual weekly.

New Moon:

Keywords: New beginnings, fresh start, blank page.

Best time to visualize your dreams and set your intentions.


These materials are optional and are based on what you wish to use. Try to include at least one item on each of the five senses; Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, as well as sense of body position, sense of balance, and additional items.

Sight: Rugs, cushions, dim lights, pictures of importance, spiritual pictures, statues, crystals, sacred items.

Hearing: instruments, music that raises your vibration, soft background music (such as beach waves).

Taste: Herbal tea, potions from the ritual, herbs, mint.

Smell: Incense, burning herbs,

Touch: Switch into a cozy rob or other clothing, dress in a specific style (such as all black), or clothing that makes you feel confident. Sit on comfy cushions, soft rugs, blankets and pillows. Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature.

Sense of Body Position: Stretch before a ritual, do yoga stretches, dance to raise your vibrations, play instruments.

Sense of Balance: Lay down and watch the clouds, swing high in the playground, move around, jump up and down, rock in a chair, or even spin slowly in a chair or on your feet.

Additional Items: Get more involved by creating a symbol, have certain rules to your spell, tarot cards, playing cards, etc.

  1. Create a ritual.
    >Choose your materials and create your ritual: Choose the materials that you wish to use, and create your own ritual. You can write this down, if you wish. Unlike spells, not all rituals have incantations, and most rituals have more activity than spells.
    >Keep these tips in mind when creating your own ritual;
    *When creating a ritual, make sure you are aware of what your intentions are and any rules.
    *Many beginners believe that less ingredients means a more simple spell, when in fact, it’s the opposite. Ingredients provide energy to our spells and rituals, and it also forces us to “get involved” in the ritual, which raises our own energy.
    *Don’t overthink the ingredients. A lot of beginner spell-casters believe they need candles and fancy herbs to perform magick, when many times all you need is stuff from your backyard.
    *Try to incorporate all of the senses, including sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch, as well as sense of balance, sense of body position, and any other additional items/activities.
    *Colors, types of stones, types of herbs, senses, and other different types of ingredients are important – but it all depends on YOU. You can easily find charts on what the different colors of candles mean, but it all depends on what you think the colors mean to you. This only works when items are used as a symbol in the spell or ritual.
    *Finally, make sure you enjoy the ritual. Add something that you like, such as using symbols, poppet magick, or potions/kitchen magick.
  2. Gather your materials, set up your alter/space, and cleanse yourself and your area.
    Gather your materials: Try to include at least one item and/or activity from the list above. The more you get involved, the more energy is being used for the spell’s intentions, whether it’s burning and mixing herbs, creating potions, music rituals, using cards, using crystals and gemstones, or even burying an object or even submerging it into water.
    Set up your alter/space: Set up the materials needed for your ritual. Make sure they are all in the correct spot needed, or with easy access. Make room if you need to move around, or have a nice comfortable spot for you to sit.
    >Cleanse your space and yourself: Cleanse not only yourself, but your space as well. You can cleanse yourself by taking a ritual bath, or you can cleanse your space by burning sage or using other methods and spells.
  3. Cast your ritual.
    >Now, cast your ritual. Visualize your intention, and feel the energy around you. If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own ritual, I’ve provided one for you. Make sure you add this in your own personal Grimoire as well as any results you have. If you wish, you can charge the ritual beforehand.

New Moon Ritual

Purpose: To manifest a wish and/or put things into motion. The New Moon is a manifestation magnet. In this ritual, we enchant an item (such as jewelry or a specific sigil) to draw in your desired intentions like a magnet as

You can first charge the ritual, or you can start right away. To learn how to charge a spell or ritual, you can visit my post here.


  • Personal Grimoire (To write down this New Moon Ritual and record your results)
  • Pen (Or other writing utensil you use to write in your Personal Grimoire)
  • An Enchanted and/or Sacred Pen (This is used when creating your sigil to set your intentions. Learn how to enchant an item here.
  • Paper (You only need one sheet of paper for this ritual.)
  • Lighter, Matches, and/or candle (You will need fire in this ritual. It is recommended to light candles around the room, but not required.)
  • 2 Bowls (One bowl where you can safely burn a SMALL piece of paper, and another bowl large enough to fill with water and additional items in nature. A medium-sized or large-sized bowl is recommended, or a jar)
  • Herbs (Optional. Recommended herbs: Sage, Mugwort, Basil Leaves, Bay Leaves.)
  • Charged Water (Tap water or even bottled water is fine, but rain water is recommended. To charge your water, just place your hand near it/on it and imagine your energy flowing into the water until it’s completely pure)
  • Additional ingredients (Optional. Recommended items include: flowers, leaves, mint, sticks, essential oils, seashells, etc.)
  • Something to draw a SMALL amount of blood, such as a drop. You can use a needle, or buy a lancing device (Walgreens, $10.49)
  • A sacred place to perform your spell, as well as a place to leave your bowl overnight (Such as by the window with the blinds open, or outside overnight.)
  • Your own sacred language (You can learn how to create your own language here.
  • Finally, choose an item such as a ring, necklace, earrings, or a sacred pen.

Prepare for your ritual:

Step 1: Take out your personal grimoire.

Write down the ritual name, purpose, ingredients, preparation, steps, and rules in your own personal grimoire, and set aside a page to write down your experience after the ritual is cast. This also helps you read through the entire ritual so you know it step by step. Although you can go back to reading the steps while you perform your ritual, or read when you are chanting, it is recommended to try to memorize it. However, in case you forget what to chant or what to do, simply go back and read it (keep it next to you so you don’t have to break concentration) and do not start over if you messed up or even stuttered. Just keep going. You can also read my post on 25 tips on casting a spell or ritual here.

Step 2: Gather your supplies, and prepare your ritual.

Go down your list of ingredients and gather your items. Make sure to double-check you have everything you need, and read through the ritual of its’ entirety just to make sure.

Try to keep your ingredients as natural or personal as possible. For example, rain water is more natural/personal because you gathered it, and it is completely pure. Same goes if you were to enchant an item, you want to keep it as personal as possible (maybe you wore it every time you achieved something amazing, or maybe someone you love gave it to you).

When gathering supplies from nature it’s important to do three things: Ask for permission, say thank you, and give something in return.

Ask for permission if you are taking something such as a branch from a tree. Close your eyes and touch the tree, and mentally ask permission. If you feel strongly like it’s OK – then go for it.

Say thank you. You don’t have to say it out loud, but you can thank nature for providing these items in your head as you gather what you need.

Finally, give something in return. Some people believe that you don’t always have to do this, especially when you are taking items that have already fallen off the tree, for example, and that mother nature is naturally generous. However, other people believe that you must always give something in return – such as planting a seed, leaving your own energy behind, or even providing an offering of some kind. It’s whatever you believe. You must find your own path on how you do things.

Make sure you have a bowl where you can burn a paper safely, a bowl or jar to fill with the charged water/other items, and any other additional items (such as statues, pictures, incense, candles, etc) that you wish to have. You may also have a paper of the incantations written down. (Written is fine, but the light from reading instructions or incantations from a phone or laptop can become a distraction and interrupt your energy flow).

Step 3: Create or set up your sacred space, and set it up for your ritual.

Your sacred space could be your altar, your desk, or even your windowsill. You can set up pretty things like rocks, candles, lamps, statues, and plants. This place makes you calm, and where you often may find yourself at again and again.

Step 4: Clear yourself and your space before the ritual.

Make sure to cleanse yourself and your space before the ritual. You can find out how to do this in the links provided below.

Check out this forum on how to cleanse your space without burning anything.
Check out these links on how to cleanse your own aura.

Step 5: Meditate (For at least 5 minutes).

Meditate for at least five minutes. Clear your mind and gather your energy, focusing on not only the energy inside your body, but the energy from everything around you – such as the universe, the ground, and even from talismans or from the flames of candles.

Step 6: Now, let yourself dream of your desired intentions.

Let yourself dream big. Whatever your intention is, imagine it happening. Imagine the before, the during, the after – and how you feel through it all. Imagine all the possibilities, and get yourself excited.

You can do this for about another five minutes.

Step 7: Now you can create your sigil of your intention.

Grab a sheet of paper and follow these steps on how to create a sigil. Don’t worry about charging it just yet.

After you go through the process of creating your sigil, cut out or tear off a small section of the paper (1-2 inches by 1-2 inches) and draw your sigil. Do not write underneath the purpose of the sigil – instead, keep it blank. You should know what the intention is, so you don’t need to write it down with the symbol.

Now, you can begin the ritual:

Step 1: Charge the sigil with the power of water.

Add a drop of your blood to the sigil and chant “Water my Blood” in English. Once you are done, chant it again in your own sacred language. (You can see an example of my own sacred language at the end of this post.)

Step 2: Charge the sigil with the power of earth.

Roll the small paper up and take a strand of your own hair and tie it around the paper, or just wrap it around. (If your hair is short or you have no hair, use thread or yard instead.) While you are doing this, chant, “Earth my Body”. Once you wrap the stand of hair around the sigil, say it again in your sacred language.

Step 3: Charge the sigil with the power of air.

Now, take the sigil and bring it closer to your mouth. Cup your hands with the paper inside to where all you feel is the heat from your breath as you chant, “Air my Breath.”. Then, chant it again in your sacred language. You can also close your eyes if you wish, and imagine your breath as energy flowing into the sigil and charging it.

Step 4: Charge the sigil with the power of fire.

Finally, hold the paper in your hands and cup your hands as if holding a bowl. Imagine your energy flowing into the symbol, and imagine the symbol glowing (gold, purple, blue, white light, etc). Close your eyes and chant, “Fire my Spirit” and then chant it again in your sacred language.

Tip: Every time you are charging the symbol with water, earth, air, and fire, imagine the symbol glowing gold, purple, blue, bright light, or whatever you imagine your energy to look like.

Step 5: Hold the paper and chant.

Chant the following twice. Once in English, and again in your sacred language;

Power of the Universe,
Here my energy flows and
here my intentions lie,
from my heart to paper,
my intentions are true,
I make this wish,
so it be true.

So be it, so it is.

Step 6: Now, burn the sigil.

Place the paper in the bowl of herbs (optional) and burn it. You can use a match, lighter, or you can burn it with the flame of a candle before setting it down in the bowl. Make sure you place the burning paper and/or herbs in a bowl that can safely stand the heat.

As the symbol is burning, close your eyes and imagine your intentions coming true, and do this for at least a couple of minutes. When the paper burns out completely (or when the fire goes out), make sure the fire is completely out before going to the next step.

Step 7: Take the ash and put it in your separate bowl or jar.

Take the ash of your sigil and place it in your second bowl or jar. Then, fill the jar or bowl with your charged water until it’s almost to the top, and start adding in any additional items that you feel will help charge your intentions. You can add flower pedals, rocks, seashells, crystals and gemstones, leaves, mint, or even essential oils if you wish.

Place your item (jewelry or pen) in the bowl, then close your eyes and proceed to step 8.

Step 8:  Chant the incantation again, 3 to 10 times.

Close your eyes and chant the incantation above 3-10 times. You can choose whether or not to chant in English, your sacred language, or go back and forth. However, many beginners choose to take the easy path (English only), but chanting in your own sacred language can also aid in putting more of your energy into the spell for it to work.

Once you are done chanting, open your eyes. If you feel as if the universe has accepted to aid in your wish, thank the universe and set your bowl/jar down and let it sit there overnight. (If you feel like your wish was denied, it may be because you asked for something too big or not needed. Instead, say thanks, go back inside and dump the contents and re-evaluate your wish).

It is recommended (and often preferred) to go straight to bed.

Step 9: When you wake up, you can wear your item.

When you wake up, take the item out and pat it dry. Then, pour the water out (back outside, if you wish) and take the items you had found (such as flower pedals and rocks you found) and get creative. You can made a little pattern, like a mandala. This leaves your energy and your thanks, and is even like a signature to end the ritual.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You are now done with the ritual. Makes sure to wear the item (or, if you enchanted a pen, make sure you draw the symbol somewhere on your skin everyday), and make sure to record your results in your personal grimoire.

-Example Sacred Language Chants-

First chant:message-1620749_1920.jpg

“Water my Blood,
Earth my Body,
Air my Breath,
Fire my Spirit.”

Sacred Language:

“Hymati inaro Sanguis,
Zoysio inaro Corpsuui,
Demeti inaro Huluni,
Kratic inaro Spiritus.”

Second Chant:

“Power of the Universe,
Here my energy flows and
Here my intentions lie.
From my heart to paper,
my intentions are true.
I make this wish,
So it be true.

So be it, so it is.”

Sacred Language:

“Psion det et universum,
rei inaro psi isagne es,
rei inaro intenioroi lie,
lesio inaro meum ro chartum,
inaro inteniorois cor pronos,
e crotum dotem deselorium,
des isa era pronos.

Des isa era, des isa iso.”


So, there you have it. My sacred language may sound completely confusing to you, and it may even sound a little insane to do a ritual in not just another language, but one you made up. But, having a sacred language can be good, especially if you write in your personal grimoire in your language constantly, and do more rituals in your language. It can trigger your body to easily release energy when needed just by speaking in your language. Almost like conditioning your body!

Remember, you can read a paper and chant instead, but it is recommended to try to memorize it.

With love,

Kaia Littlewood xoxo


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