Making and Charging a Sigil (Symbol)

Creating and charging a sigil is simple, but it can sound complicated in the beginning.

But first, what exactly is a sigil?

A sigil is a symbol created with our own intentions. It is a unique symbol that, when charged, can manifest our certain desires to happen. Of course, a sigil won’t win you the lottery, and there are still rules to magick.

Think of it like this. The energy of the universe is what helps us make these desires to happen, but it won’t make us win the lottery or become a millionaire (especially if we aren’t even putting any effort). It’s like going to a friend and asking for a million dollars (even if they were a millionaire) then getting mad when they say no.

That’s just being selfish and inconsiderate. The universe is the same way. Besides, how can we expect anything to happen if we don’t put in the effort? Isn’t the effort the main ingredient of a lesson?

And, if you haven’t figured it out out already, the Universe is kind of big on lessons. (Which is why spells can backfire and we end up with bad luck).

So, now that you know you can’t be too greedy, lets’ start creating and charging our sigil. And, don’t worry, all you need is a paper and writing utensil!

– –

Creating Your Sigil

First, state your intention. Make sure you know how to write your intention. Try to stay away from things such as “I want”. To clarify, we’re going to use an example.

A) I want to get a job.

B) I will get a job.

C) I have a job that I love.

Let’s talk about the differences here. In Example A, you see that it starts with “I want…”. But, here’s the thing: Sure, when the sigil is activated, it might work. But the only thing that you might get out of it is your desire to get a job. See the problem here? So, obviously, Example A is a no-no.

In Example B, it starts off with “I will…” I know, you might be thinking that “then you will just get close to getting a job, or you will always believe you are going to get a job.”. Now, I’m not going to tell you that isn’t true, because that could happen – however, in sigil magick, using the words “I will” can work. It’s just up to you.

However, in Example C, we see that the intention is stated as if in present-tense (and even adds a little extra). This can work too, and might even work better than Example B. However, make sure you limit the “extras”. In some cases, the sigil will not work or work as well if you add more extras, but in other cases those “extras” may work perfectly (then again, who knows if you end up getting something bad as a lesson to not get too greedy and non-specific?)

Now you know how to write your intention, let’s talk about…how you write it.

Don’t worry, this part is simple.

At the top of your paper, write down your intention in all capital letters. For example, my intention will be written below:


So, now we have our intention, so what’s next?

Now, you cross out all the repeating letters. Example:


Next, (and this is optional) break down the letters even more by their basic lines and curves.


Finally, create your sigil using the remaining letters (or lines and curves). You can repeat these characters, and even have them side-ways or upside down. You can add dots, or even curl the ends of letters such as the letter ‘S’. When you feel feel like your symbol is ready and right for you, its time to charge it.


Charging your Sigil

You can charge your sigil multiple ways, but each time you should start by focusing and imaging energy going into your sigil.

Here, you can try this visualization exercise:

Exercise: Place your dominant hand (your writing hand, usually) on the sigil and close your eyes. Now, imagine your own energy. What does it look like? Is it a beautiful stream of gold? Is it blue, purple, or even a mixture of the two? Does it look like a dark fog or a bright light? Choose whatever feels right to you. Once you visualize this, imagine your energy flowing through your body. Imagine most of your energy focused in your core, and imagine as your energy from every area of your body – your legs, arms, and head – start flowing through you, down your arm, and out your hand onto the sigil. As your energy flows into the symbol, imagine the symbol glowing (does it glow gold? purple? green? bright light?) To take it a step further, imagine you are absorbing energy around you: The energy from heat and fire, energy from people, energy from the universe, and energy from the ground as it reaches up, flows inside of you, and finds it’s way out of your palm and into the sigil. Visualize what all of these energies look like, and visualize your intent and imagine the results. Then, once you feel confident enough, open your eyes.

Now, you can finish it there, or add another way to charge your symbol. You can add a drop of your blood (sense blood is the most concentrated form of your energy) and rub it on the symbol. You can also burn it, or even bury it.


Once you are done, let yourself forget. Often times, with sigil magick, it works best when you aren’t even thinking about it. For me, I tend to do spells and rituals at night time and then go to bed immediately after. When I wake up in the morning, I tend to forget I even did a spell and ritual, and I won’t remember until I see a result. In fact, once I did a spell in the morning, and all day it felt like my mind was trying to forget!


Now you made your sigil, and charged it. Remember to try to forget about it, but if you wish you can add this in your own personal grimoire. While sigils are often a one-time use, you can always keep the symbol in your book of shadows and charge it for another time as well.

Below are some examples of sigils. It is recommended that you don’t take symbols from the internet sense they can be charged with another purpose. In some cases, even if you do not intent to use the symbol for negative reasons, someone else’s energy can be strong enough to effect you if you use the sigil.

(The following pictures below are not mine)


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