How to Enchant an Item

People enchant items for many reasons, such as using it to aid in them for spells or rituals, aid when their energy is low (such as after a ritual or when they are sick), or even as a gift. You can enchant your item to be like a “magnet” for good luck, or even link it to your own ability and give it to someone as a gift. For example, if you have the ability to sense danger and you enchant the item of your choice and give it to a friend, this friend may be able to sense danger themselves (though, if they think something bad is going to happen and assume it’s nothing, that’s up to them). Of course, that is until the energy runs dampens.

All you need is your item and things to charge your item (such as herbs, crystals, or just moonlight)

Once you have your item, you can choose how you want to charge this item. Make sure you visualize your intent, and say what your intention is out loud before and after your enchant your item.

Here is a list of ways to charge your item. (Any list with the * symbol is recommended)

  1. Sunlight
  2. Moonlight – Full moon is best.*
  3. oils
  4. herbs
  5. Surrounded by flower pedals – good for glamour enchantments.
  6. Going through a flame/smoke while visualizing your intent. *
  7. Cleansing it with natural water or salt water and visualizing your intent. *
  8. Bury it and retrieve it the next day. *
  9. Rub your hands together, hold the item, then visualize your energy going into the item while visualizing your intent. *
  10. Make your own chant and imagine the energy entering the item. *
  11. Think of POSITIVE emotions and imagine your energy entering the item. *
  12. Lay it next to crystals and gemstones.*

It is recommended to use two or more of the above at once, such as laying your items next to crystals while it sits by the window under the full moon.

-Make sure you visualize your intent, and say out loud what you are enchanting your item with. You can also hold the item and chant the following three times to ten times (recommended).

“Wind, fire, water, earth,
I call on you to make this spell magick,
So mote it be.

[State your intention] Example: This item will attract good luck.”

Now, you are done. See how simple that is? Enchanting items is all about using your own energy and focusing it. If you are a beginner, it may take a few tries – especially if you struggle with visualizing your own energy and your desire.


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