Sensing bad things and seeing shadow people? Here’s why.

As a kid, I have always had the ability to sense…negative things.

I knew when people were having a bad day just by the energy around them. I knew when I was about to have a bad day (though, sometimes that isn’t always the case). I knew if someone or sometimes even myself was about to get hurt.

Hell, I knew when it would be the last time I would see someone ever again – or, in some cases, just the last time I see them for a long time.quote-you-never-know-when-you-might-be-seeing-someone-for-the-last-time-marilynne-robinson-51-16-32

But most of all, I knew when people were going to die.

And often times, I would see “shadow people” lurking by those who are about to die, and in some cases always following me.

Sounds familiar?

Don’t be afraid. This is common, and I’m about to explain why. It might be scary, it might seem unreal, and it might even be absurd. But, do me a favor and keep reading.

First, let me tell you a story about the first time I saw a Shadow Person. My case may be different, especially sense I was able to see the face of this shadow person, but as time went on they looked more like a dark figure. There is many reasons for this, but for now let’s explain the most likely reason you are experiencing shadow people.


I remember the last time I saw my father.

I was seven or eight years old, and I had a backpack full of my clothes as I was about to leave to head home. As I turned to wave and tell my dad “Bye, see you next weekend”, I felt it.

For a quick moment that seemed to last for just a millisecond, I thought I saw a shadow come in, circle my father, and stop right next to me at super-speed. Right at that moment, I saw a image flash in my mind of a woman. She had medium-length dark chestnut brown hair. Her face was round, her cheek bones raised, and I believe she even had dark brown eyes. I even thought she was wearing dark clothing, and It seemed like her skin was a pale or grey tint, but she looked beautiful nonetheless. Even as I somehow thought of her as a figure of Death (a reaper, or servant of Death?), and even as I randomly thought of the name “Kelly”, I felt calm around her. I felt the familiar unease, and I could sense the dark energy coming off of her in waves, but I knew she wasn’t going to cause me harm. She was a good spiritual being.

As she leaned into me from behind, I can feel hot air as if she was breathing down my neck, and her gentle voice echoed softly in my head as she said, “Tell your dad you love him. It’s the last time you will ever see him.”

I took the warning, and I ran up to my dad and gave him the biggest hug I could as I told him how much I love him. I never did that – and even my dad was a little surprised but happy nonetheless, and I tried to make sure that no one saw my tears.

Because I knew.

My dad was going to die. Somehow, I even knew how he was going to die.

But afterwards, we left and I tried to hide my tears as I looked out the window in the backseat of the car, making sure my sister could never see the sadness on my face.

By the next day, I forgot all about what happened, but it wasn’t until the week ended did it all came rushing back. I remember my mom picking my sister and I up from school, sitting us on her lap, and telling us as calmly as possible that our dad passed away.  I cried, but I fought through the tears and broke the tense silence and choked out a, “How?”

When she uttered the words “Heart attack”, I couldn’t believe it. I felt my heart sink in my chest, and I went to my room and cried for the rest of the day.

That was the first time I realized there was truly something different about me.

A couple years later, I realized that there was something else I did the day “Kelly” delivered that message, but I’m going to save that for another post. Either way, that particular Shadow Person is the same type of spiritual being.

There is certain things that we can’t look up on Google to find out. We won’t get straight answers, real answers, or maybe no answers at all. It’s something that we have to experience and find out for ourselves. We have to experiment with ourselves and life a little bit, make up our own theories and find out how to gather enough evidence for that theory enough to say it out loud. As the case for the types of Shadow People out there, I’m sure you may hear many different names for all the different types and not even realize it. On this blog, though, I’m going to tell you what I call these different types of spiritual beings.

As for Kelly, I strongly believe that she is Death. I don’t believe that there is one spiritual being only that is reserved for when people are about to die, but I do believe that their are many types of these spiritual beings that do the work. How these souls reach these titles is beyond me, but of course I have several theories on the matter saved for another time.

I don’t believe that Kelly was what most people would consider a “demon”. From my years of experience with spiritual beings that seem “demonic”, Kelly doesn’t fit the qualities at all. In fact, if we want to get into the debate of “demons or angels”, I would have to say that Kelly was an angel, if anything. I also don’t believe that angels are all bright-light and look perfectly good, either.angel-1299054_1280

Maybe Kelly was what most people would call a “Reaper”. Not a Grim Reaper – since those stories always refer to only one being – but just a reaper. A person of Death, perhaps.

It could be said that Kelly is the source of how I know when people are going to die, but from the amount of deaths I have predicted, I have to say that maybe she just makes me see things more clearly. If you’re a psychic, you probably know how difficult recognizing, interpreting, and actually believing these predictions can be. Sometimes, we just need a little help from a spiritual being, like Kelly.

If you’re experiencing Shadow People and you have the ability to sense death, or just when bad things are going to happen, then maybe this is why. But, if your shadow person doesn’t sound like Kelly – you might have a different spiritual being, instead. In fact, there’s multiple reasons why you may be experiencing Shadow People, especially if someone is nearing their death. It’s entirely possible that your spiritual being you are experiencing is not a Reaper. They could also be other entities – but, I’ll explain that later on.

Whether you are experiencing an entity like Kelly or a demonic being, don’t be afraid! Many demons (if not all) feed off of fear, and fear may also block your ability to see the spiritual beings that are actually trying to help you. It’s important to face your experience. Pretending never makes anything go away.

If this post sounds like what is happening to you, feel free to share your experience. You can also contact me here and post your own experience to Growing Up Psychic. If not, or if you are at a complete loss of what is happening to you, feel free to comment or contact me with any questions.




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