Potion of Power Spell

This potion is used to increase your own magical energy and your abilities. This potion is not meant to be consumed, but can be tweaked if that is what you wish. Some ingredients, such as certain flowers, can be poisonous.

Ingredients you will need for this spell:

  • A jar (or cup)
  • A lid (or plastic wrap/tin foil and a rubber band/pony tail holder)
  • Flower pedals (red or pink)
  • Lime or Lemon juice (optional but recommended)
  • Honey
  • A drop of your blood (no more than a couple of drops)
  • A quiet place alone and inside
  • A dark place to keep the jar (or cup)
  • Water (bottled, from tap, or preferably natural water)


  1. Place the jar in front of you, and start adding the following in the correct order;
    -Fill the jar 1/4th to half-way with water.
    -Red or pink flower pedals. These should preferably be medium sized pedals. If pedals are small, place a little bit more pedals.
    -Squeeze all the juice out of the lime or lemon. Do not drop the lime or lemon into the jar. If you only have the juice, pour 1/4th cup into the jar.
    -Add a drop of honey.
    -Add a drop of your blood, or a couple of drops. *Please do not cut yourself. Use a sterile needle to draw a small amount of blood*
  2. Chant the following 3-10 times (10 times is recommended). Put your mouth to the jar, but do not consume. This allows your breath to “become a part of” the potion, and you to breathe in the scent.“I call upon thee,
    to enchant myself with power.
    with the element of earth,
    from the highest peak of mountains,
    to the waves of angry waters,
    I want the power,
    so mote it be.”
  3. Now, place the lid over the jar. If you don’t have a lid, use plastic wrap or tin foil, and seal it by placing a rubber band or pony tail holder around it.
  4. Finally, put the jar in a small, dark place.


You may notice results right away and it may wear off after a week to even a month. Once you are done with it, dump the potion and rinse out the jar, or rinse the cup and throw it away. If you start getting negative side effects, such as bad luck or negative energy, you may also smell the potion every where you go, and it may smell sour, or like mold, poison, or it may even “smell like death”. If this occurs, rinse out the jar. If negative side effects occur, you may go back to your jar and notice it growing mold. Please note that majority of the time this spell is done, it does not grow mold.


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