How to Create a Spell

Creating a spell is simple, yet I get messages all the time to create a spell for people.

The following is a guide to create a spell and charge it. This could also be a way to charge a spell you find online or in books too.

…..·• •·….

First, think of your intent, what ingredients you want, and what kind of spell you want.

Think of your intent and find out what type of spell is best to achieve this. Do you want to lose weight? Creating a spell to control appetite is usually better than a general weight loss spell. After you think of what you want, think about the ingredients. You can have spells that require no ingredients, but know that this often means of your own energy is being used. You can also use ingredients that you may not even think could be used in spells. Try to focus on natural ingredients, items of importance, and the elements such as using candles for fire, water, dirt and sticks for earth, or breath or ash for air.

Grab a paper and write down your spell.

On the paper, write down the spell name, what it does and is for, spell instructions, incantation (if any), and how to reverse/stop the spell (if available).

Charge the spell.

While most people like to simply hold the paper or place their hands on the paper and charge it, some people like to fold the paper and burn it while chanting, drip water on it and chant, or even place their own blood on it (blood being the most concentrated form of energy).

Either way, chant the following as many times as you want. Some people like to chant it once, some three times, and some ten times. I personally like chanting ten times – getting louder each time.

“Wind, fire, water, earth,
I call on thee
to make this spell magick,
so mote it be.”

Finally, cast your spell.

Now you’ve charged your spell and you can cast it. It’s best to write this in your own personal Book of Shadows or Grimoire and write your results and any side effects.


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