25 Tips When Casting a Spell or Ritual (With Sample Spells)

For years, I’ve been apart of many online communities involving other psychics, people with abilities, and spell-casting websites, and I get a lot of messages on how to cast a spell or ritual properly. While it may seem simple to just follow the spell’s directions, there’s still a lot of things that can be left unsaid. These rules are especially important for beginners and can help increase the chances of a spell to work.

Whether you want to improve your magick or cast your first spell, here are 25 tips when casting a spell or ritual.


Note: The following tips are in no specific order.

#1: If you mispronounce, stutter, or mess up in any way – don’t stop.

I see this a lot. I even did this twice or three times when I was just starting out in the world of magick. I could feel the energy around me thicken the more I did the spell, and if I messed up it wouldn’t change a thing.

But, if I stopped because I messed up, that energy quickly fades (or stays there with no instructions). Some people mess up a spell, then start all over – which majority of the time, doesn’t work.

So, if you happen to mess up your incantation in any way, don’t worry. Just keep going. The incantation is an aid, but it isn’t the key. The key to any spell is believing and focusing on your desired outcome.

#2: Don’t drain yourself of energy.

Energy makes the spell work, but energy also charges us and makes us feel at our best. Using too much of our own energy and not letting us recharge can easily make us feel sick.

So instead of letting spells drain you of energy and causing sleepiness, headaches, and other symptoms, also use energy from around you. Focus on absorbing energy from the universe, nature, the elements, and in some cases from people and items.

#3: Belief, Faith, and Visualization.

If you don’t believe in what you are doing, how can you expect it to work? While some spells can work without the caster believing it would work, the truth is that isn’t usually the case. You have to truly think it is going to work, have faith that you will get your desired outcome and no side effects, and it’s important to visualize your result.

#4: Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Getting creative can get you excited – and excitement is a great emotion to have when casting spells. You don’t have to do simple spells where you light a candle and chant an incantation, but instead you can do other spells. Cast a circle, create a potion, dive into kitchen magick, dabble with sigil/symbol magick, or even make a poppet for binding/manifestation magick. Go ahead – have fun!

Note: As long as you are completely aware of the possible side effects of spell casting, you can still have fun with magick. Just know that certain spells can be dangerous!

#5: Know when to do a spell alone, when not to – and how to do it right.

Majority of spells you will cast, you will do alone. In this case, it is extremely important to know one major rule when doing spells alone.

If you don’t want your spell to somehow effect with someone else in the room, then make sure that person is not in the same room. For instance, when I was about twelve years old, one of my closest friends decided to do a love spell while I stayed in the room.

That person ended up liking me. In fact, it wasn’t the first time a spell has backfired if someone was in the room. Of course, if you focus on your intent, your spell shouldn’t always backfire. But, to keep it safe, make sure to be alone.

However, if you are doing a spell with other people, make sure you communicate how exactly the spell will work. I have done group spells many times that failed because of lack of communication. Often times, the other party wasn’t sure when to do a certain gesture, how many times to chant the incantation, or even knowing not to talk in the middle of a ritual.

#6: If you are unsure, charge the spell first.

Not all spells need to be charged first, and not all spells need to be charged by another spell. There are many techniques out there, but you can read my post on How to Charge a Spell here.

#7: Meditate.

Meditating helps you charge yourself before a spell and can help increase the chances of your spell working. You can also meditate after a spell, but be careful: Meditating too much can cause headaches and possibly other symptoms as well.

When you meditate, think of yourself like a sponge. You absorb so much energy, but sometimes it can be difficult to expel all the other energy. However, unlike a sponge where the energy (or water) would leak out, you keep absorbing energy which can cause headaches and other symptoms. However, the same symptoms can apply if you lose too much energy.

#8: Memorize.

It’s true that you don’t really need to memorize an incantation when doing spells, but memorizing the spell’s rules and incantation can help dramatically.

#9: Don’t be afraid to be loud.

There’s a lot of spells where you can think of the incantation, whisper, or even speak in a normal voice. However, some spells can be great by speaking loud and even screaming. Being loud raises emotions, and emotions can raise the energy in spells.

If you want a place to be loud when doing a spell, try finding a secluded place, such as the woods.

#10: Close your eyes.

Sometimes, closing your eyes can help you visualize your intent more clearly, therefore making it easier to concentrate and perform the spell.

#11: Give Thanks.

After performing a spell, many people like to give thanks. Who you give thanks for depends on what you believe. If you don’t know who to give thanks to, give thanks to the energy of the universe for aiding in your spell.

#12: Know the risks.

Any spell could have risks from as little as getting a headache to as big as causing someone else injury or even death. It’s important to know the possible side effects before doing any spells – even if the spells seem fun and simple.

#13: Keep Learning.

Don’t stop learning, but don’t just read everything online (or even books) and automatically believe it. Experiment and find out yourself. Get involved in the world of magick.

#14: Keep a Book of Shadows/Personal Grimoire.

Keep a journal of every spell and ritual you have cast and share the results. Also, write down spells and rituals you haven’t performed to save for later. You can even rate each spell and write down things you can do to make the results even better.

#15: Know when the best time is to perform the spell.

Think about the spell you want to cast, then think what time is the best to perform this spell. Some spells may work better at night, morning, or even in the middle of the day. Sometimes, it all depends on the person casting the spell.

#16: Charge yourself, cast your spell, and charge yourself again.

Before a spell, charge yourself. We’re all like batteries, and we charge ourselves by absorbing the energy around us. When we cast a spell, we use up that energy and often end up feeling drained. Afterwards, take a nap and charge naturally, or just charge yourself again by meditating, grounding, or another way.

#17: Set up an alter, circle, or a specific spot for casting.

Setting up an area specific for casting spells or rituals can be a good aid. This area then often has a constant state of energy that you can use to cast your spells and can be your own sacred area.

#18: Cleanse your space.

Spell casters cleanse their space for multiple reasons, such as expelling negative energy and negative spiritual beings. While you don’t have to cleanse your space every time, try to at least do it once a week (depending on how often you cast spells).

#19: Keep your eyes peeled for any signs.

Keep watch for any signs of your spell working or from signs from spirit guides. Make sure to believe in the spell, even if signs point towards it not working. However, this rule is optional. If you wish to not focus on the results and instead decide to let things fall into place, read tip #20.

#20: Let yourself forget.

I usually do spells at night, and afterwards I simply go to sleep. The next day, I forget I even did the spell, and I don’t remember doing it until the result occurs. I’ve learned that when I have done spells during the day and stayed awake, my mind feels foggy and I have trouble concentrating as if my mind is trying to forget. When I do remember, I sometimes notice that the spell doesn’t work or doesn’t work as well.

If you do a spell and often forget, this tip may help you. Sometimes letting yourself forget makes the spell work even better. In other words, you don’t want to overthink it!

#21: Pay attention to the ingredients you use.

No, I’m not talking about googling what herbs are for love or good luck – because most of that has to do with what you think of that herb. Instead, I want you to focus on the energy of the ingredients you use. Charge your items with your own energy or with the natural energy of the universe. You can also use natural items such as finding your own seashells, sticks, herbs, natural water, or other items, and the energy off of these items can be used as an aid to your spells.

#22: Offerings.

Provide physical offerings. Who you give offerings to depend on what you believe, such as providing offerings to gods/goddesses, spirits, etc. Or, you can also tell yourself that if X happens, you will do Y. For example, “if this spell works, I will use the not take it for granted and I will use it for __”.

#23: Find out what you love and use it.

Candle magick, sigil/symbol magick, kitchen magick…find out what you love and use it. For example, when you create a spell or alter another spell and you love the use of symbols, find a way to incorporate that into the spell.

#24: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you find yourself struggling, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone gets stuck sometimes, and even experts need help sometimes.

#25: And finally…don’t use magick for selfish reasons.

It’s not that magick won’t work if its for selfish reasons – because it can – but it’s less likely to work if it’s selfish as casting a spell for more money than necessary (a million dollars…which will be hard to accomplish through a spell). Plus, using magick for selfish reasons often has negative side effects that can be very dangerous. Remember, casting a spell should never be your first choice. Work for your desired result first.


Sample Spells and Rituals

~Potion of Power Spell~

This potion is used to increase your own magical energy and your abilities. This potion is not meant to be consumed, but can be tweaked if that is what you wish. Some ingredients, such as certain flowers, can be poisonous.

Ingredients you will need for this spell:

  • A jar (or cup)
  • A lid (or plastic wrap/tin foil and a rubber band/pony tail holder)
  • Flower pedals (red or pink)
  • Lime or Lemon juice (optional but recommended)
  • Honey
  • A drop of your blood (no more than a couple of drops)
  • A quiet place alone and inside
  • A dark place to keep the jar (or cup)
  • Water (bottled, from tap, or preferably natural water)


  1. Place the jar in front of you, and start adding the following in the correct order;
    -Fill the jar 1/4th to half-way with water.
    -Red or pink flower pedals. These should preferably be medium sized pedals. If pedals are small, place a little bit more pedals.
    -Squeeze all the juice out of the lime or lemon. Do not drop the lime or lemon into the jar. If you only have the juice, pour 1/4th cup into the jar.
    -Add a drop of honey.
    -Add a drop of your blood, or a couple of drops. *Please do not cut yourself. Use a sterile needle to draw a small amount of blood*
  2. Chant the following 3-10 times (10 times is recommended). Put your mouth to the jar, but do not consume. This allows your breath to “become a part of” the potion, and you to breathe in the scent.“I call upon thee,
    to enchant myself with power.
    with the element of earth,
    from the highest peak of mountains,
    to the waves of angry waters,
    I want the power,
    so mote it be.”
  3. Now, place the lid over the jar. If you don’t have a lid, use plastic wrap or tin foil, and seal it by placing a rubber band or pony tail holder around it.
  4. Finally, put the jar in a small, dark place.


You may notice results right away and it may wear off after a week to even a month. Once you are done with it, dump the potion and rinse out the jar, or rinse the cup and throw it away. If you start getting negative side effects, such as bad luck or negative energy, you may also smell the potion every where you go, and it may smell sour, or like mold, poison, or it may even “smell like death”. If this occurs, rinse out the jar. If negative side effects occur, you may go back to your jar and notice it growing mold. Please note that majority of the time this spell is done, it does not grow mold.


~Empowerment Ritual~

This spell was contributed by the Teen Witches coven on SpellsofMagic.com:

This ritual will increase your magical powers and energy. I consider this one of the most important rituals to perform, as it will truly increase your powers tenfold.

“The purpose of this ritual is to tap into your own personal life force and amplify it into a personal statement of self confidence and strength. Afterwards, when you feel yourself dragging in one area or another, concentrate on the appropriate symbol in the appropriate color for a bit, and you will find yourself tapping back into the energies you established in the ritual.”

You will need:

  • A set of crayons including red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, dark blue, violet, black, grey, white, silver, and gold.
  • A medium to work on–cloth or paper on which all the colors will show up.
  • A red candle
  • A fiery scented incense, such as sage or cedar.

First, establish your working circle, after you’ve gathered all your materials together. Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and draw. You’ll be here a while.

Face the east and say:

“Spirits of the East, powers of Air, I ask that you be present at this spell-working. Help me find inspiration and visualize the symbols clearly that I may partake of their essence.”

Face the south and say:

“Spirits of the South, powers of Fire, I ask that you be present at this spell-working. Help me find the spirit within to empower the symbols and tune into their color energy.”

Face the west and say:

“Spirits of the West, powers of Water, I ask that you be present at this spell-working. Help me to seek the mystery within, that the symbols I draw here may work upon my emotions for my Highest Good.”

Face the north and say:

“Spirits of the North, powers of Earth, I ask that you be present at this spell-working. Help me to manifest the symbols in the third-dimensional world so that their energies may become a part of my physical existence.”

Face the sky and say:

“Father Sky, I ask that you watch over me in this spell-working. Lend me your wisdom so that I may bring safely link my inner vision with the outer Self.”

Place your hands on the earth and say:

“Mother Earth, I ask that you watch over me in this spell-working. Let me ground myself deeply in you and draw on your strength and energy to sustain me in my work.”

Face your altar in the center of the circle and say:

“Sacred center, Spirit of all that is, of whom we are all only aspects, unite this sphere into a protected space for the spell-working I plan to do here.”

  1. Using the red crayon, visualize the color as life essence. Draw a human body, using a star-like shape. Draw the first symbol that comes to your mind when you think of strength and power. (Draw it in red below the human body shape.)
  2. Now take the orange crayon. This color represents vitality, potency, courage- draw the first symbol of these qualities that comes to mind slightly above and to the left of the last symbol.
  3. With the yellow crayon in hand, concentrate on intellect, and your request for knowledge. Draw a symbol of this directly to the left of the human body shape.
  4. Using the green crayon, visualize expansion, abundance, prosperity, growth, love. When you have felt its energy, draw a symbol of above and to the left of the human body.
  5. Take up the sky blue crayon, and feel it’s energy of expression, communication, spiritual gain, joy, and self-achievement. Draw a symbol of those directly above the central symbol (body).
  6. Using a dark blue crayon, draw a symbol to the lower-right of the last symbol. This one should represent synthesis and inner wisdom. It should align with the green shape.
  7. In violet, which represents spirituality and guidance, draw a symbol of those traits directly to the right of the red central sign.
  8. White is used to link the life-force. Draw a symbol that represents a cycle or strong bond below and to the right of the central symbol.

This main pattern is complete. It should resemble a circle of colors and symbols surrounding the body.

  1. Now, trace from the central body, directly to the left. Here, you should come upon the yellow symbol. To the left of that symbol, you will draw another sign, in silver. Hold the silver crayon and feel it’s energy, imagine the journey you are embarking on, and draw a symbol of it.
  2. Take the gray crayon and visualize flexibility, endurance, persistence and resolve needed to accomplish the changes you desire. When you feel it’s energy, draw a symbol of those strengths at the very top/center. (above the human body, and above the light blue sign.)
  3. The gold crayon represents activity. Draw your symbol of activation to the far-right (lined up horizontally with the silver symbol).
  4. Using black, feel and see the changes you want occurring, the power of this ritual going to work. Draw a symbol of this directly beneath the red symbol under the body. (The bottom of the page, centered.)

Give blessings to all invoked gods, goddesses, and spirits, using a chant to each quarter like this:

“Spirits of the east, powers of air, thank you for your presence and aid in this work. Depart in peace, my thanks and blessings.”

Open the circle, release the energy, and say:

“To all spirits visible and invisible that have been present in this ritual, depart in peace, my thanks and blessings.”

Hang the resulting picture up somewhere where you can see it often. When you need any of the specific traits energized in each symbol, simply think of that particular color and symbol as depicted in your masterpiece!?

I altered this ritual almost entirely, choosing to use personal symbols as opposed to runes. (That is, symbols personal to the person practicing the ritual.)

Gained from: http://www.angelfire.com/zine/evan/powerspells.html



Have any other tips? Comment to share!


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