My name is Kaia, and I am a Seer

Actually, I lied.

About my name, not the fact that I’m a psychic – or, if we use other terms, a “Seer”.

My name isn’t really Kaia. Yeah, yeah, I know. Bad start, right? But let’s be honest. How many people really believe in psychics? Raise of hands?


Of course, if you are on this site, it probably means you believe in psychics. Or, maybe you’re a skeptic, and okay – that’s fine. In fact, that’s great. Don’t believe me just because I anonymously say I am a psychic on some new blog. In fact, I am a skeptic a lot of times myself.

You can’t seriously think that I will believe that specific abilities actually exists without some form of proof for me, right? Would you?

I didn’t think so.

But, let’s get back on track…

My not-so-real name is Kaia. I choose not to use my chosen name on this site because of so many reasons. I mean, I really don’t want an employer looking up my name on Google, finding this site, then saying “wow, she’s a wacko” and throwing my resume out the window.

And I get it. Some of you might be thinking, “You shouldn’t hide who you are just because not many people believe it.” or even a, “Who cares? Be yourself!” But, can we be honest here?

Good, because that’s what I like my blog to be about: Honesty.

And, honestly, I am not here to try to prove that psychics are real. I’m not. It’s just…not my thing. So, yeah, I want to share my experiences without the need of feeling like I just exposed myself to the entire world.

Plus, some of these experiences I wouldn’t want my family to hear.

Because what you are going to read on this blog? It’s the real deal. It might be dark, it might be scary, and it might even be unbelievable and questionable.

But that’s because I’m not going to leave something out just because someone may not accept it. I chose to write the truth.

Do you think you can handle it?


Because you are about to enjoy one hell of a ride.


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